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Start making money
by getting things done
on Errandworld


Runners are the people who are willing and able to get things done on behalf
of other people. Anyone can be a runner on errand world market place.

Runners may choose to also post an errand as an errander as the market place
is an open market.

How to become a runner

You simply need to regsiter as a normal user and verify the basic things like
mobile phone number. And you can be up and running the same day to bid
for errands.

It is highly advisable to verify all verification process Including the ones that are
not compulsory. Everyone wants to work with people they can trust (verified

How much does errandworld charge runners

Errandworld charge a commission of 15% fee on each errand completed by a

As the world’s most trusted and secure marketplace for online work, Errand World requires that all Members establish and maintain a profile true to their real identity. To become a trusted Runner, You must provide true, accurate and complete information as prompted by the registration form and update this information to maintain its truthfulness, accuracy and completeness.

Who can establish a runner account on Errand World?

Anyone can be a runner . Runners on Errand World can
be a legal entity or an individual 18 years or older. Individual Members must be
able to form legally binding contracts.

  • You must use your own legal name.
  • You must use your own contact information
  • The Runner location information must identify where the work is done.
  • Runners on Errand World may only have a total of one account.
  • Runners cannot use Errand World’s name in the profile name

How to get paid as a runner

Runners get paid through EW Wallet (Errandworld wallet). Below explains more about how it works.

  • Before awarding a job to a runner. An errander is prompted to make an
    escrow payment (Safe kept) in errand world’s account.
  • So a runner is rest assured the payment is already made before commencing
    the errand.
  • Upon job completion, The errander will mark the job as completed. This will
    automatically release the payment into the runners EW Wallet.
  • The runner may choose to withdraw funds from EW wallet anytime they wish
    to. All runner have to do is request a withdraw and select the withdrawal

All runners must set a withdrawal option under ‘Payment method’.

Can runner account be shared?

Errand World expects that the Individual or Business identified in the account will be the one who utilizes the account.

  • Individual accounts cannot be shared between users
  • Errand World accounts cannot be transferred or sold to other users
  • Team Members cannot share or transfer log-in credentials

What content cannot be included in the Runner account profile?

A Runner profile cannot contain any of the following:

  • Any contact details (ex: non- Errand World website URL, email address)
    outside of the designated areas
  • Offers to receive payments outside of the Errand World Billing & Payment
  • Offers to provide free services
  • Offers to provide services that are against the Terms of Service of Errand
    World or of another company or entity
  • Any text that is copied from another Member’s profile
  • Any work sample to which the Runner does not have legal rights or ownership
  • Reference to another Member's name or logo in a way that misleads or falsely implies a relationship with that Member