About Us

What is errandworld

Errandworld is a community market place that brings Errander and Runners together to get things done. A market place where someone (Errander) who needs to get something done meets another person (Runner) who get things done in the interest of someone else and get paid for it.


Choose to run errands and earn money or hire someone to get things done.

' Unemployement may not be erradicated but with the help of Errandworld, Unemployment becomes a choice '


Someone who is willing to run errands in the interest of someone else for an agreed amount. Runners controls their working hours and days. Runners will only wait for errands to be posted around them. Anyone can choose to be a runner as long as you have free time, regardless of whether employed or unemployed.


Somebody who needs something done and can't do it, perhaps they are excessively occupied or basically needs a proffesional touch. Errander posts job they require to be done on errandworld and sit tight for biddings to begin. Errander chooses who and when to award the job. On Errandworld, any user may choose to be an Errander, a Runner or both.


Unlike many organisations that is formed through an incident, The founder of Errandworld came up with this world-changing idea by tasking him self and the team with a solution to Unemployment, Human needs and wants. So Yes, The idea started from the perspective of runners. At the long run he realises that there is actually enough job and income to be passed around every community. And there are enough people willing to do things others wont or can't get done by them selfs. This is how Errandworld was born.

As part of concerned citizens, We deliberately sat down and thought about how we could make the world a better place. We came up with a world-changing idea. Consulted some philosophers and University Professors on how to embark on such a journey. This idea was beyond us and we did a survey on how people would react to such an initiative. The feedback was so remarkable and we knew we were on the right track. This went beyond an idea but we were actually building a community and empowering that community to be self sufficient.

In our day to day lives we often face challenges in completing a certain jobs or errands, merely because we are not good at it or just not up for it. We all undergo such things and hope for someone to assist us. We have one question for you. Would it not be a good idea if someone could come and actually do the job on your behalf? This is the question that brought Errand World to life.

Errand World is a South African based online marketplace that enables individuals to post errands to be kept running by "runners". Essentially, We connect nearby individuals who are prepared to work, with individuals who require work to be accomplished for them. Errand World has tackled an issue of getting things done at your own comfort. An Errander just posts an errand with a proposed cost. The runner acknowledges the offer and runs the errand. Upon finishing, the runner gets paid.

Unemployment may not be eradicated but rather with the assistance of Errandworld, Unemployment turns into a choice. Individuals can move toward becoming "runners" and they essentially wait for Erranders to post an errand. All they need to do is browse for errands arround them, make an offer, wait untill the offer is accepted and receive payment upon completion.

We accept to have changed the way people consider employment and getting things done. You can undoubtedly utilize yourself and have a decent salary. By means of Errand World, people have an assortment of accessible work to look over, they basically need to browse through accessible errands in accordance with their timetable and keep up an adaptable way of life.